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Friday, June 19, 2009

Messages from the Island.

Hi Losties,

Great news!
Titan books is putting out a LOST book for our summer reading. YAY!
I'm looking forward to this book to aid me with the long hiatus. We can get our hands on this gem later this month.

So until I get to send a message from the island myself, I'll happily continue to read everyone else's wonderful words.

Be sure to pick one up and enjoy! I know The Printing Press will!

Included in this book:
* Full of secrets, flashbacks, twists and turns Lost is a unique and captivating television experience that both challenges and entertains. This official companion to the critically acclaimed multi-award winning series chronicles every aspect of the making of Lost. Enjoy and explore the genesis of the show through the early seasons, and the survivors' first few weeks on this mysterious island.

* Thorough in-depth interviews and articles gain a deeper insight into this incredible show:

* Exclusively written intro from executive producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse.

* Detailed interviews with all the shows stars.

* Original concept art and storyboards.

* Engrossing commentary on the making of key episodes.

* Scores of stunning photos direct from the set.

* Extensive interviews with the shows creators, producers and many crew members.

Special thanks to Titan Publishing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Printing Press. What we expect!

Brian and Karen dive deep down into Season 5; plotting what to expect from the clues that we're given to us in the series of LOST. What happens to Jack? Is Locke another Christian Sheppard? Who is the NEW DHARMA? Will this drama with Kate, Sawyer and Juliet ever end?
Listen to the "Queen of Lost on Myspace/Blogging" Karen and B.Quain your trusty "Next Morning Recap and Theories" for "What Do We Expect" in the Season 5 Finale of LOST

Thursday, May 14, 2009

WHAT I GOT FROM: The Incident P1/P2 by B.Quain

Uhhhhhhh, I got nothing…since I went ahead and feel pretty damn good about predicting some huge theories. I KID I KID! Wow! As much as this season played out, it was pretty unpredictable, but felt so good about some of theories we tackled.
1) Juliet (might have) died…she’s reset.
2) Locke was in the Ilana & Bram box
3) Time travel ends
4) Vincent would be back! (haha!)
So much to cover from what we got tonight, but…

WHAT I GOT FROM: The Incident Parts 1 & 2


Mark Pellegrino played JACOB! That was amazing. So, he’s dead. BUT, he’s coming back…don’t you fret. Now I do have some questions. TWO JACOBS?! Don’t kill me. Hear me out. We have a Jacob who likes to weave and eat salmon with no plates or forks. But then we have a Jacob who’s off the island who dresses better than Richard Alpert and his Express For Men closet. Something fishy here.
So Jacob brings people to the island, as we saw with what I’m thinking is the Black Rock in 1845. And yes, Jacob looks damn good for his age. Jacob’s Enemy sees an on going occurrence with visitors on the island that Jacob brings of “they come, fight, destroy, corrupt.” (very similar to what Bernard says). Jacob’s Enemy explains on how badly he wants to kill him (the game being played) and he will find a loophole. This brings us to our LOSTIES.
“Game being played”?! I will explain in time. Re read the blogs to catch up though.


(KATE – LUNCBOX/PROTECTION) We see a flashback with Kate and Tom stealing the New Kids on the Block lunchbox they put all their little trinkets in for the “time vessel.” Kate will protect the things that matter most to her in the lunchbox and store them for years so nothing can happen.
So, Jacob helps Katie out and pays for the lunchbox. This will in time bring Kate and Tom back together, only for her to lose him in a car chase shootout. Does Jacob know this? Jacob asks “you’re not going to steal anymore?”, and she nods no. LIES.

(JAMES – PEN/HOPE) James is attending his parents funeral. Before going to the burial site, he decides to write out a letter to Mr. Sawyer…the one that’s famous killing Anthony Cooper.

(SAYID - DEATH/GRIEF) We start with our OVERHEAD (GameMaster watching his GameBoard, or ChessBoard) with Sayid and Nadia crossing a street. As Jacob gets Sayid’s attention by saying he’s LOST, Nadia finds her sunglasses and SMACK, she’s hit by an SUV.
In this Flashback we are getting more of a modern time frame, than Kate and James’. In theirs it was like he was almost recruiting them to be on the island. In this one, he’s taking LOVE away from Sayid and not giving him anything tangible like Kate or James. Grief.

(ILANA - PURPOSE) Bandaged up. Ilana went through something here, now is it the past or future? Not sure. BUT! He doesn’t touch her, like everyone else, and doesn’t give her anything she ca take with her, but gives her a purpose to live. “Help me!”

(LOCKE – LIFE) Anthony Cooper pushes John Locke out of the window, as we recall. Locke dies, Jacob helps by bringing him back. VERY different from what we have seen prior. Gives him life, and apologizes. For what?
Why is Jacob saving the vessel that is going to have him killed? Also, if Locke has been this “monster” for Seasons 1-5, then is the only true Locke we’ve seen only OFF the island in flashes?

(JIN/SUN - BLESSINGS) This is NOT a flashback. NOT A FLASHBACK! This will probably be somewhere in the last episodes. It’s a smaller wedding. Jin had to prepare something quick to read, and it’s only a sentence. Something happens to Jin, a knock or something. BUT! This scene happens after EVERYONE is safe and sound, then Jin and Sun decide to have a small wedding to re-new the vows. Jacob comes by to “thank” them. LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

(JACK – FOOD/UNDERSTANDING) Jack does it again. Can’t fix anything. Daddy has to fix this one for him, once again. We’ve seen this act between the two of them many times before. Plus, I never knew Apollo Bars we’re made with DARK Chocolate, I always thought it was MILK Chocolate…hmm. When Jacob says “I guess it needed a little push”, Jack takes it sensitive like usual, and doesn’t hear the true meaning. Arg Jack. All you need to understand what people are saying to you!

(HURLEY – GUITAR CASE/CHOICES) So, this is how Hurley gets onto the plane and has the guitar case. This is a great exchange between Hurley and Jacob. He calls him Hugo, which I do see Hugo in this scene, but from here on end, it’s going to be Hurley. Also, Jacob gives him options, instead of telling what to do. I thought that was nice and a nice change of “Pace”.


Daniel knows too much in my opinion. Daniel was forced to flash around and manipulate things in Season 5. We may have not seen Desmond in this episode, but he was there. TRUST ME. Daniel knew about Jughead, studied it, and what I am thinking planted something else, something more in the core of Jughead. Maybe had someone help him…Des. The “core” is not an explosive, but a way to “correct” everything. To think of the “core” of things is NEVER a bad thing. It’s usually what helps you out in the long run. They could have kept calling the explosive, well an “explosive”, BUT, they are calling it the “CORE.”
Hear me out. When Jack dropped the so-called nuke, it doesn’t go off because it’s not a BOMB, and it doesn’t work because it’s not ready to. Give it 3 more minutes after the “sky turns purple” and it will turn on and TUNE OUT!
Daniel would have never needed to blow up anything beforehand, he KNEW the charge would happen, AND IT DID. Good. And since this device that Jack dropped and Juliet turned on at the right time,things WILL change. We saw Jacob travel in the future last night, I really think we did. So things don’t change, due to it NOT being a bomb, but that device just course corrected the timelines.


Hear me out. Like I’ve said many times in this season, Sayid is done, no need for him to stick around. Well, in this episode, proof once again. He follows Jack, take’s the bomb, gets shot, and lies there dying for the rest of the episode. Now, many will think he makes it, but let’s not forget when Locke was shot by Ben, we see Horace’s jumpsuit, the one Sayid is wearing. The body belongs to Sayid.


Re-Watch the season again and I TOLD YOU Locke was all-wrong this season, and WE NAILED IT! Congrats everyone. Now how do I tell my friend Sarah her long lost “DADDY” really died? I loved how they made this work, and thinking that when people asked questions to Locke, did he know Locke’s thoughts. Alpert mentions “Ben strangled you”, and Locke does his Locke “yes, I suppose he did Alpert.” How does this happen? How does Jacob’s Enemy know these things?
To be honest, Jacob’s Enemy IS Locke…and think about it. Jacob in the bible was more of the peaceful type, while his brother Esau was the “hunter.” Perfect for Locke to play that role, wouldn’t ya say. Also this is the reason the Black Smoke wanted him so bad, and Locke was so okay with going. Mr. Eko tells Locke when Eko’s dying, “You’re next” and PLEASE don’t forget this. When watching last night, thinking that the black smoke takes shape then, what about “You’re next” and where does it work? Bingo! It fits PERFECTLY.
Also, really quick…why does Nestor Carbonel still get Guest Starring: on this show, he deserves a Starring credit? I got your back buddy!


Still saying they are Adam and Eve…love is the reason for everything it seems. Maybe I’m emotional since it was our 2-year anniversary when they aired this episode. Perfect timing LOST. BUT, even Jack says to Jin “I think I found a way to get you back to your wife.” Every scene dealt with something in love. Doing it for love, saying I love you, love is the answer.
Rose and Bernard know all (like I’ve been saying with Juliet). I feel there is more to them, than we can ever imagine. The way Bernard asks Juliet for “tea” (or the letter T) and then looks at Juliet when she is leaving. Wow! But, who are they? They don’t want to deal with the drama (I’m on their team), and they know the end is coming. Maybe they died from the flaming arrows and now are a manifestation of Jacob’s Brother. Is he the “king” to Jacob’s Brother on the game board? BUT! There is something going on here…Season 6 is going to be AMAZING!
The “tea” comment after re-watching is telling me that Bernard may know the outcome and doesn’t want Juliet to do what she is about to do. I think this is why Juliet changes her mind when Sawyer beats the snot out of Jack, and we see Jack wonder off the screen (I never laughed so hard, sorry Jack). She blames the fact that James looks at Kate, but blah blah blah, too easy.


Jacob’s cabin has been lived in, and I’m guessing this is why you buried your dead. BURY THE DEAD SO JACOB’S ENEMY CAN’T TAKE SHAPE. Christian and Claire can live in there, cause their dead. Never buried. I also love how the statute on the cloth was a sign of Jacob’s Enemy taunting them, telling them to “catch me if you can.” GENIUS!


What is this?! Is this is the reason that Juliet is so emotionless and as Jim (my friend) likes to think of her as an alien? Her parents are getting a divorce? Whoopdeedoo! Then 70% of women living in this country need to be a Juliet. Nothing in this scene makes me feel, what they were giving us was to make us believe this is the reason Juliet acts the way she does.
But, in this scene, LOOK AT THE ROOM. It was decorated last week, maybe last year the earliest. NO WAY is that supposed to be the 60’s or 70’s. REWATCH. This makes me happy knowing that Juliet survives this bomb, but I have a feeling, she won’t be born, until NOW. Yup! SHE HAS RESET!
Also, the book on the coffee table is “Mysteries of Ancient America.”


So, wait, before I get into this…Miles calls James LaFleur and James says there’s no more LaFleur, but he calls him Ennus. Hmmm…okay. So Miles’ theory is Jack is going to cause the thing he’s trying to prevent. So, if the bomb is the Incident, then doing nothing would be the answer. But for how long? And if that bomb IS NOT a bomb, then things will do what they have to do. So, still my theory, it’s NOT A BOMB! Miles is correct!


Finally we get a full body shot of the statue and we see it’s croc face, showing that the statue is Sobek. Sobek was known to have come out of the water and created the world. NICE! Sobek's ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself, for example, going to Duat to restore damage done to the dead as a result of their form of death. OH WORD!


Why is Locke’s body in the box? Well, for this ShapeShifter/Jacob’s Brother to grab hold of the bodies and use them, I believe they have to be dead. Now buried may not be useful to him, so the reason Ilana and Bram needed Locke to be stored is so the Locke they were interacting with didn’t A) Confuse people; B) and make sure they can prove to Richard, the Locke that’s walking around about to kill Jacob isn’t who he says he is. How long was this guy playing Locke? Karen, no shit, you had this from DAY ONE. Congrats!
“and you have no idea what I have gone through, to be here.” Is a huge Season 6 intro and I’m sure will be in the Season Premiere of the “Previously On LOST.” Jacob’s Brother/Enemy has gone through five seasons of this, and if he has, it’s time to re-watch. I can’t wait to put it all together, but something tells me, we always did.
Also, watch Locke when Ben calls him “Moses”, friggin classic. Oh you don’t even know! I get so choked up here. Poor Ben.


Doesn’t sound so stupid NOW does it folks…HA! Hey Darren, I got your back, man. Wait until I put the RULES up and the game play. It will ALL make sense. Oh shit Locke, Aaron is going to KICK YOUR ASS!


They’re coming. Jacob to Locke. 1977 is coming right for them. Timelines will connect. Not Ilana and Bram, but the year 1977 and 2005 will connect.

I wouldn’t give up on him. Jack to Alpert. Jack’s right, and it’s nice to think Jack finally has faith in Locke. How long have we been waiting for you to say this? But if you did, Season 2 wouldn’t have been what it was….SO GOOOOOD!

So we die, all we care about is being together. That’s all that matters in the end. Bernard to Juliet, James, and Kate. LISTEN TO THIS!!!! I can’t believe the answer to this show is in my “What’cha Talkin’ ‘Bout” section. But Bernard is right. At the end of this series, this will be our Series Finale. I will put it all down in the Final Theory.

It’s a door to the hatch, where you and I first met. Locke (Jacob’s Enemy) to Ben. WHOA WHOA WHOA! Slooooow down. Wait, what?! This guy has been Locke since Season 2?! Really?! Re-watching the series is in order. Ugh! So sad to see Ben being played at his own game, and taken control of. Oh chess, you brilliant game.

I’m a Pisces Ben to Locke (Jacob’s Enemy). This explains so much. I also have a feeling with Ben messing up so bad, he is going to shake so much shit up in Season 6. Be ready to cheer this man on. Read up more on Pisces. PERFECT!


Didn’t see ANY of that coming huh? Jacob being so real. Meeting Jacob’s Yang (and I mean that in the least perverted way possible). Which can bring us to the CHESS BOARD again and finally we can meet our GameMasters.
JACOB and JACOB’s ENEMY (who for the rest of this BLOG until we get a name will be named Esau “Brother of Jacob” are playing a game. (or he can be Satan, using Ben as Job, but we’ll look more into it. I know of Job, but not enough.)
I have been preaching game play (chess!) from DAY ONE and it is now proven. Both of these men are equal before opening their game box. They will have to use their wits to pick the players and luck to see who goes first. In the game of chess 16 players on a 64 square piece board.
I will have the teams soon, but I do need to get this blog to you guys today. I am an hour late. This episode was amazing, and I am so happy they gave us something so beautiful (love), so crazy (Time Travel, Shape Shifting), and some closure on theories I have been wanting surfaced for SO LONG.
I will be blogging as much as I can this summer, but I think getting a call at 7:45am this morning from Karen who said it from Episode 4, that the unthinkable would happen, HAPPENED. We are coming to you by voice. The PODCAST we published two days ago has hit SO SKY HIGH on Podomatic and Itunes, and the fact that we tackled some theories that were so “out of this world” and they were proven last ngiht…we are on YOU TEAM and the GameMasters as well.

Enjoy everyone and PLEASE comment what you thought. Even if you read and never comment, just say what you thought about the episode. Best episode by far, and greatest finale since Jack and Locke looking down the Rabbit Hole, I mean Swan Hatch.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

WHAT I GOT OUT OF: Follow The Leader

So, uhhhh…hmmmm…that was the episode before our 2 hour finale huh? We need to fix time is basically what their saying. Jack is the one who has to save us? Drama on a submarine? Thanks LOST, I think I got indigestion…no, this is what I got…

WHAT I GOT OUT OF: Follow The Leader


Two stories, two leaders. And wouldn’t you believe our leaders were a Man of Faith and a Man of uhhhh…not really. We have Jack, finally a Jack we have been waiting to welcome back for a long time. The leader. Season 1 Jack is back, and too bad that the LOSTIES aren’t there to see it. Also, the one who told him he was the leader, left him behind. Bye Kate! Go join Juliet and Sawyer for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy over in the submarine. Jack does a great job here, still kind of shaken up, but gets back on the bike and pedals like a champ.
Locke…isn’t much of a leader. He made himself the leader. What’s up with that?! He’s got some plans, some maybe we all don’t agree with, but I agree with you. Locke is NOT a leader, and I’m thinking should never have been one. One thing that struck me odd was Locke seeing himself, doesn’t prove my theory of “you can’t see yourself” to be true. BUT…maybe, just maybe it wasn’t Locke. It was the flashes. Hmmm. We’ll get back into that, but…Locke said some stuff tonight, and one that left us in a bit of a tizzy, well some of us. I think there’s a deeper meaning on Killing Jacob.
Who is the LEADER? Well, it’s two different time eras, and they both, very well, can be the leaders. It’s not American Idol so, no need to vote.


Sounds like a baaaad Archie comic. But there are two Jugheads, and check out the pictures to prove it. Am I being picky? Trying not to be, but still, I feel there is something weird here. Farradays Jughead has a door right by the name, and last night, not so much. They USED the door with Farraday, so I KNEW it was a different one when watching, and mentioned to Lynda, not the same Jughead. Why two?


When Hurley is grabbing all the food, all I can think of was the famous Dharma Food Dumbo Drop. Foreshadowing?


Ummm…is it just me, but when Dr. Chang says then you are my son, he smiles for a split second and then decides to warn them about Farraday and the island evacuation? And then it’s over. Poof! GONE. So weird. We are handed a WHOLE episode on these two a few weeks back, and then they actually talk about it, and it’s “well, alright then, my son..hmm…yup, uh, so…Faraday!!” Ugh.


Is Sayid not dead yet, I man come on?! What else you got for this guy? And seriously, re-watch when he pops up after killing Hostile Red Shirt. He reminds me of the dog in Duck Hunt.
Also, really quick. WATCH ALPERT when Sayid points the gun at Ellie. He stands right in front of her like he’s indestructible. Hmmm?!


I know in other blogs I call Jacob the “lantern” that Christian Sheppard carries, and I seriously believe that Jacob CAN be that. But, what if the compass is a metaphor for what we are seeing on this island, and maybe Jacob as well. Round and round and round, but still points in directions it NEEDS to go. Kind of just looping around though. Jacob seems to be playing the same role since we first heard of him. Jacob needs to break that loop, or a John Locke to.
Orrrrr…Which came first? The Compass Locke Gave Alpert, or the Compass Alpert Gave Locke? That damn compass we’ve seen when Alpert visits Locke as a kid, then in this episode, and etc. Oye, my aching head. Where did this friggin’ compass come from?
Also, when Locke says he’s going to kill Jacob…well, maybe we can tackle that in a bit.


I love how dumb Richard is playing in all of this. This episode could easily push the thought that Alpert is a leader away. No way. Remember who has been there the longest, and let’s not forget who brought Locke to the island and watched him for so many years. Don’t dismiss what Ben says to Sun, which we cover a little later in the blog.
Richard knows what Jacob wants. He doesn’t want someone “finding” him, right? Jacob asks to see you, not announce this to everyone and them go see him. NO! Get it RIGHT Locke, for once…Richard has something up his sleeve and convinces Ben to go talk to Locke, subtle but does it. Richard plays the Ben game, on Ben, and Ben plays along. That’s called FOLLOW THE LEADER!


Damn, I think this show would have been called Fantasy Island if it wasn’t already taken. This whole scene with Alpert, Locke and Linus (I had to, I was calling the other boys by their last names) tells a huge part of this story and Season 5. They bring up a lot that have been mysteries and some we are still asking.
• Did Ben ever see Jacob?
• The island told Locke about that certain time and place to be there? Well did the island make sure to send them there JUST FOR THAT scene?
• Out of body experience? Dead? Locke! Christian? Sheppard?
• And why does Ben pronounce it “WHOEN” and not “When?”
Great scene, re-watch for sure


Once again, we got a Locke speaking to his people in the night time…next scene we see them, DAY LIGHT and HIGH NOON! Ugh! It takes Kate 5 minutes to get to the submarine, but this Day/Night thing still makes no sense.


Anyone else notice the way Sawyer says goodbye to the island, is the same EXACT way he says HELLO to the island in the Pilot Epsiode. YUP! Re-watch. Minus the cigarette this time. Seriously. He’s whole demeanor felt the same.


So…Karen, you can finally high five me for this one. The John Locke we are seeing in this episode folks, Richard is right when he mentioned there is something different about you. It’s not him. Now, we’ve seen the Smoke Monster, but I don’t think its Smokey to be honest. I’m thinking we may have something new, something different. I think as that when we see the smoke monster, or dead people walk the island, it’s something John Locke is doing right now.
When Eloise Hawking explains that John will have to the island, we focus on the shoes that Christian had. Now, go back many blogs ago, and we make fun of Christians shoes here MANY times. The white ones of course. So these black shoes, why? Easy. John Locke IS dead. YES! DEAD! Very much like Christian Sheppard, in fact, EXACTLY like Christian Sheppard. Christian Sheppard is dead, sure, but on the island is some kind of reincarnation. Like Pet Semetary. That’s John Locke.
This John Locke we have seen lately, it’s NOT THE JOHN LOCKE WE ARE USED TO. No way. Everything about this season is WRONG, but even more so, it’s John Locke is wrong. Think about this next week everyone…


Richard, he’s here/ Female Hostile to Richard. Uh, who? He’s here? Is this like HIM with Jacob. And how does she know who HE is. She wasn’t in the jungle with Richard. So lost with this one. He. Hmm.

He’s a kind of…advisor, and he’s had that job for a very very long time. Ben to Sun. Just pointing this line out, in case you missed it. Rubbing the theories game on us, pretty hard.

They’ll try to kill us Jack tells Kate. Yeah Jack, LET KATE GO!!!!!! Kill Kate if she goes back huh? What’s the problem then?! I do have just a few problems for when she gets back to the submarine.
The problem is that Kate’s 1) not killed. 2) Even roughed up. 3) Alive. 4) On the submarine. 5) Making more dumb love drama for this show. 6) Still breathing, and LOUDLY on the sub. OKAY, I’m done, but you catch my drift, I don’t like Kate, I mean, she just happened to be okay waltzing back into the Dharma Camp. Makes no sense.

I’m going back to find the rest of our people, because if I can’t stop you, maybe they can. Kate to Jack. Well, you didn’t do that, ya donkey! Uck, I hate you Kate.


Okay, let’s talk about this KILLING JACOB and what it all really means. Locke is NOT going to Horace’s man made Jacob’s cabin to stab or shoot, maybe even give swine flu to Jacob, NO. He’s bringing EVERYONE with him to see that there is NO Jacob. None what so ever. Once again, it’s all on the wording. Nothing ever really plays out like how John really says things, and never does John really take the next step forward either. He’s always breaking his legs.
Just thought we should remember that Locke has no intentions of killing right now, but, it’s not our Locke, so who knows.

It was an okay episode that leads us to the final to hours of this season. 2 more hours? Really? Very lackluster is you ask me. Great season, but it seems like our season finales have been very “eh” when it comes to Season finales of Season 1 or Season 2. Season 3, their getting off the island, BUT I LIKE THEM ON THE ISLAND! Season 4 they have to come back…but, hmm…wait, so they should have never left? Ugh! Now, they have to be somewhere in time on the island? And stop it from happening? I like this time travel, as we know.

Expect my “What I Expect…” from this Season Finale next week, as I always do. Watch me get totally shot down. Haha! Alright, off to a meeting and find Liverpool tickets for the final match of the season. If you know of any, let me know.


Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wow, uh, what…hmmm…do I write this, can I write this…it’s 11pm now and mysteries solved, and not too many theories. But one thing we need to remember is that there are 21more hours of LOST left, right? Answers galore, theories…not so much. That’s what I’m getting from this…

WHAT I GOT FROM: The Variable

This episode had Brian Quain written ALL OVER it, and I figure either my beloved readers will ignore this post then re-watch and forget this. Or read instead of the term I use at least 10 times in every blog post…RE-WATCH. This is that episode. I will have trouble explaining this episode, so I had a guest write something for us…ladies and gentlemen…Miss Eloise Hawking.


Hello, my name is Eloise Hawking and I killed my son Daniel. Millions of people witnessed me pull the trigger, and I will plead my case and tell you that, that morning I was innocent. What I am guilty of, was knowing the date, time, and way I was going to kill him, since he was born. See Daniel was destined to die, there, then and always. I cannot change time. What happened, happened. To bad he was trying to tell me this, and he didn’t know that he was to be shot at that precise moment in time.
When Daniel was younger, one afternoon while he was playing piano, I mustered up the courage to tell him he was to be brilliant. Stop playing this piano you love so much, and study, and do nothing but study. See Daniel is special, and he had a gift, a mind that was meant for science and mathematics. I explained to Daniel, it was my job to keep him on his path. And, that was the morning I knew I was to kill my son.
I was so proud the day Daniel graduated from Oxford, as their youngest doctor and receiving that research grant from Charles Widmore (his father). But still I knew this was leading down a path that was not to be changed. I had to make sure he was going to graduate, separate his feelings for Theresa, and all women for that matter, in case they go to the island and get “terribly hurt.” Sorry Daniel, I never meant to push, and push, but I had to.
My final straw was a day, much like the one I mentioned prior, where Daniel was playing the piano again. I had heard the news about Daniel being offered a job to go to the island, and Sparky (a nickname I use for Charles back on the island) would help him get out there. Of course, I had to tell him to go, even though it destroyed me.
That afternoon Daniel asked if “it would make me proud of him” and as a mother, I always was proud of him. But knowing his destiny and outcome, I never had a moments time to think if it was really me proud of him, or the outcome of his death that morning when he came walking into the camp with a Luger pistol. Daniel, no matter what happened to you, and me calling you special, I was ALWAYS proud of you. Daniel, my sweet Daniel, I am so sorry for everything but I hope you understand that it was always to happen this way. But, deep down inside, I think you knew what the outcome always was.

Thank you,
Eloise Hawking.


So why are we seeing Daniel’s opening scene of Season 5 again? To remind us, he sees EVERYTHING. So did he see his own death? Did he know that he was going to die? We reenact the scene in the Swan and also his centric opening scene in Season 4’s Confirmed Dead (nice foreshadowing), so can MAYBE, JUST MAYBE for a split second think, Daniel knew this would happen, and use precautions, like Timecrimes.
So does this video, I know I know, two weeks in a row, but does this video make sense then? How does Daniel film Dr. Chang?

Explain this! How does Daniel become the “creditable source”, and how is it Daniel filming Pierre? Daniel knows and sees EVERYTHING.
When Daniel is describing why he needs to his mom, he explains she’ll help them get to where they need to go. He goes to visit Charlotte, ONE LAST TIME...HE KNOWS! He’s tying it all up.


Clever Star Trek trailer…blah blah blah. But wow, that G.I. Joe trailer during the Dharma Motorpool shoot out was pathetic. Oh wait, that was LOST. That shoot out reminded me off G.I. Joe cartoons when no one got shot, and they are standing 10 feet from each other. Bad news guys! Haha!


So, now we know that Charles is Daniel’s father, and yup, we called that one again, no biggie…right? Fine. But I don’t think that was the mystery being solved, I think its another theory surfacing of who is Penny’s Mum? Is Ellie getting pregnant the reason Charles is banished (an affair) and the reason Ellie may have birthed Daniel off the island? If Daniel is born on the island, we know Charlotte was, and so was Miles…what hell is a Lapidus anyway? But, something tells me he was, since Abaddon and Naomi had files on him.
So, was Penny’s mother the actual woman Charles is/was with, ad had an affair with Ellie? Or was Daniel older than Penny and Ellie couldn’t stand Charles anymore and decided to raise Danny on her own? So many questions here.


When the nurse says “this nurse will watch your son”…Oh man, this line will start some fights, theories, and then more fights. I’m sticking with the “Watchers” theory. This is a term we coined in Season 3. “Watcher” meant someone on or off the island, usually off the island, who takes notes and studies our LOST members. Season 5, not so much, but I have a feeling that the “watchers” are back. I know some people are going to take this line and blow it all sky high.
1) Some one kidnaps Charlie. (which leads to)
2) Charlie will be sent to the Pace family.
3) Etc.
Trust me, I heard this already and the episode ended a good two hours ago. I turned my instant messenger off, and people through Facebook still IM me. Loren, you’re okay buddy, no theories like this one. Really quick. NO! This child is NOT Charlie Pace and CAN NOT BE…and if you want to argue age is pointless on LOST, well, he’s not Richard Alpert either, he ages. Sorry! You need to be connecting Desmond to Daniel. Seriously. Constant and Variable. You know when Desmond goes chasing Eloise…he met Theresa…in the catatonic state, don’t forget that. It’s all coming back!


Hey everyone. As most of you know Karen and myself were hosting a LOST BOOK CLUB where we PODCAST twice a month on the book of the month. THE BOOK OF THE MONTH FOR MAY IS…(and still is for the last 2 months).


Why you ask? Well, we miss you guys, and we miss doing it, and thanks to all the success of work and I appreciate all the HEAVY work we have piled on. BUT! Last night’s episode was a HUGE handshake to Slaughterhouse 5 and we must read it.
1) Daniel tries telling Dr. Chang about Miles being his son, very SH5.
2) Memory loss. SH5
3) Crying for no reason. SH5
4) Great book and we love Vonnegut.
So, welcome us back with open arms, and pleeeeease start reading this book. Easy to find anywhere and everywhere, and where can you find us at the Printing Press.
Search ITunes “Lost Book Club”, or go to AND the blog site at.
Karen worked her ass off on this site and you must check it out. Nice!


I need you to take me to Jack’s. Daniel to Miles. So Daniel just happens to know that Jack will have his own house…ohhh, yeah, he knew this already, anyway? Hmmm. This leads to…

You don’t belong here AT ALL, she was wrong. Daniel to Jack. He doesn’t belong? She was wrong? THIS WHOLE SEASON FEELS WRONG. And this just proves it. If jack isn’t supposed to be there, get Locke over there to hear this explanation…it’s all wrong.

I can make time. Daniel to Ellie. If only you could Ellie. She knows he’s a goner. Daniel can’t make time. We know this, but if he could, she wouldn’t kill him.

You don’t know my mother Jack. Daniel to Jack. Daniel KNOWS! That’s it, RE-WATCH. HE KNOWS! Solved!

I promised you Penny, I’m never leaving you again. Desmond to Penny. Well, not entirely true Des. See the reason that Charles Widmore is there, is to make sure all the strings he pulled to save your life worked, and now you owe him. And that’s getting back to the island.


I will be re-watching everyone’s favorite mind-fuck The Constant to put together the difference between The Variable and Desmond. But for now…
Daniel is dead. Sorry. I can hear some people already saying that Richard can just take him to the temple and make him forget like he did to Ben. Nope! Daniel is dead. They go through his bag and see he IS from the future and etc. Re-watch this scene by the way. Daniel walks in with the gun and drops his bag as if it’s what he NEEDS to do. And then watch Richard…RICHARD is amazing here and pretty scary at the same time. While Daniel’s 3-second countdown, the way Richard is looking at him. Something huge there. This isn’t much of a theory, but it’s me saying, don’t make something this show isn’t, which I am the best at doing. Many of you know if you have been reading my blog for 3 seasons.
Daniel is dead. It’s sad, sure, but that’s all he was destined to be. Dead. Read what Eloise wrote again, she knew the WHOLE time. Dead. Oh well!

GREAT episode, and wasn’t too much of a cop out explaining it all. Sorry this week is so short, but I think that’s the way this cookie will be crumbling now that we are rounding third and heading home for LOST. Thanks for reading and welcome to the Printing Press if you have yet to be here.